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Frameless Glass Spigots

This spigot has been designed to incorporate a natural anodised look using 25 microns of anodise. It has been electroplated on top of treated aluminium, giving it a lustre without any corrosive qualities. It is capable of being deck mounted or core drilled into paving. It does not require pins through the glass as it uses a clamp action on the glass panel which enables adjustment whenever required.

If the glass panel is accidentally broken there is no requirement to remove the spigot. Preparation costs are minimized as there is no need for a channel in the concrete or paving when installing the glass fence. The glass is elevated from the paving or decking allowing water and debris to flow underneath it. This means that dirt and scum won't build up on the bottom of the glass which may lead to scratching whilst cleaning. This is a modern and effective solution to your fencing needs

Technical Specifications

The spigot is made from structural aluminium which is then anodised with 20-25 micron of clear anodise, meaning it is maintenance free and does not corrode

The spigot is resistant to salt corrosion and is therefore ideal for salt-water swimming pools, beach areas and coastal homes.
It has stainless steel 316 adjusting corrosion resistant screw

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  • 7 year material defect warranty and 2 year workmanship
  • Can be deck mounted or core drilled into concrete or paving
  • Frameless 12mm toughened glass fencing
  • Top rail frameless glass fencing.
  • Pinned glass
  • Glass can be removed without removing the spigot
  • No in ground channel required
  • No additional site preparation required
  • Water and debris can flow under the glass minimizing the collection of dirt and grime
  • Easy to clean
  • Larger sheets of glass can be used
  • Grouting and expansion joints are not required
  • No scaffolding required on high rise buildings
  • Can be used on sloping sites
  • Gates can be hung directly on glass no posts required
  • Allows tiling to be completed prior to installation
  • Non corrosive
  • Maintenance free - other than routine cleaning!