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Experienced designers, suppliers & installers of frameless & semi frameless glass panel fences, child safety screens & pool fencing, balustrades, balcony railing & handrails throughout Melbourne Victoria

Glass Fence Constructions sets the industry benchmark by using 10mm semi-frameless toughened glass and 12mm frameless toughened glass fencing in a variety of choices and configurations.

The options are from a square powder coated post to mirror finished polished aluminium round posts for our semi frameless glass fences and a similar variety for our frameless glass fences.

We cater for architectural requests and will work with designers to achieve the look you desire.

Our glass fencing and balustrades are:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Non corrosive
  • Stylish and modern
  • Provide safety with unobstructed views

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We cater for architectural requests and will work with designers to achieve the look you desire.

We use the latest technology and products - at very affordable prices - that meet and even exceed the Australian Standards AS1926, AS2820 and AS1288.

The benefits of installing a Glass Fence Constructions fence or balustrade are that it allows light in and keeps the noise and wind out, all with an unobtrusive design and construction that allows you to see through the fence.

A Glass Fence Constructions fence will also require minimal maintenance compared to most other products.

A Glass Fence Constructions fence is adaptable and can accommodate different types of terrain as well as sloped, stepped, and curved walls. It can be secured to decks, patios, paving and balconies in several different and very robust methods.

We specialise in the design, supply & installation of:

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Tips and Tricks
Care and Maintenance
  • Just as you maintain the appearance of your car, powder coated and glass surfaces need routine cleaning to remove dirt and grime. This ensures that you maintain the decorative and protective properties of the coating.
  • Just a gentle clean wash with a soft brush and mild detergent followed by a fresh water rinse will maintain the long term performance of your powder coated products.
  • Warning: strong abrasive house hold cleaners and solvents including those recommend for thinning paints such as MEK or paint thinners are harmful to powder coating these must not be used.
  • Acidic and alcohol based cleaning products should also not be used.